As a spa business coach, I so often hear Aestheticians say that they would love to have more support, but they are not in a position to be able to do that. However in business, we MUST INVEST in our growth, not just learning new modalities & new protocols, but investing in the BUSINESS learning, this will give you the BIGGEST Return On Investment !

FREE training's can be great { I personally have offered many FREE training workshops & many of you have learned so much from them!} but, when you have "SKIN in the game" & you really commit to your growth, you are likely to take it more seriously, would you agree?

Imagine, having the insight from 30 years of experience, success & pitfalls, right at your finger tips.

What could that do for your growth ? 

          Are you ready to up Level your business & make the money you deserve?

      I am here to help you ! 

Hello & Welcome,

This is the page to found out the Juicy details about "InSPAration Masterminds~ Marketing & Motivation For Aestheticians" This has been a Passion project for me for a long time & I am thrilled to finally LAUNCH it!

Who am I ?

My name is Tazeem Jamal and I am a Master Aesthetician and a Spa Business Coach. I am an International Speaker & frequently invited to write for multiple Spa industry magazines. I have worked in this industry for over three decades and I’m still passionate about what I do. I LOVE this industry and I am on a MISSION to create as much positive impact as possible! Over the last 3 years, I have coached & worked with so many fellow Aestheticians. I have had the pleasure of helping lots of Spa owners in North America & beyond. I love working with clients, offering 1:1 coaching, but, my vision is to impact the lives of as many Aestheticians as possible. This membership will ALLOW me to do just that!! 

In the last year, I’ve been asking questions and listening very carefully to Esthies just like YOU! I have created this membership, "InSPAration Mastermind" based on all those conversations. I believe that this will fill a real need for a unique type of monthly membership for our industry that you have all been asking for.

Tazeem Jamal, PMDT, LE Your Spa Biz Coach & Master Aesthetician

Client LOVE

"I am grateful to have Tazeem Jamal as a client, in my portfolio with GM Collin. She has been with us for over 28 years & is highly successful with retail sales! As a Spa owner, her passion is definitely one of the things that make her so successful in everything she does. She’s a great leader with a lot of energy and drive. She’s a great support and coach for anything related to skincare or business building in this very competitive industry! She masters the art of customer service and client retention. With all of her knowledge and connections in the spa and skincare industry, Tazeem is an expert, whether you are looking to grow your spa business or individually as an Esthetician, Tazeem is a wealth of information & motivation "

Katrine Stébenne, GMCollin/Yonka Business Consultant, Vancouver BC Canada

I want to thank Tazeem Jamal. I wasn’t sure what my investment of time and money was going to yield with her, as I’ve never had a spa coach before, but WOW! Well, every call is filled with great ideas & Tons of AH-Ha moments.

How I have I grown from Coaching with Tazeem ?  💜

Not only has she given me back my freedom, but has helped me PIVOT my business growth by over 35% !! We have covered so many different facets of my business. I have worked with Tazeem for over 8 months now, I truly value her opinion and feedback! If you are in my predicament may feel stagnant, or even if you think your business is a perfectly well oiled machine, she can help with your evolution. 💋💋💋 

Love you Taz! So glad to call you a dear friend & my Biz Coach !

Summer Serrano Sassy Face KS

Introducing "InSPAation Mastermind"

Have What is included in the InSPAration Mastermind Membership

  • EVERY MONTH, you will receive 20 Images, already CURATED for you to post on your SM & email platforms. They will be a variety of themes, including motivation, Quotes, fun facts, memes & Spa related images. The images will prompt you to easily curate posts, that you can create in advance. There will be enough images for you to share on your SM platforms 5 days out of the week !!! All you need to do is to personalize them with your logo, website & or your phone number! Then create a quick post to go along with the image, link it back to your Spa & perhaps what you offer to generate interest & engagement. Set it & forget it ! Yes it will be that EASY! But wait there is more.
  • Every MONTH you will have access to a training call. Each month we will cover different topics, that you as spa owners need, to learn & master for your business to grow with profitability & passion
  • All sessions will be at least 60-90 mins & will either be delivered LIVE & some may be recorded.

An example of some of the topics we will cover; 

  1. Seasonal marketing
  2. Packages & how to create them, to create the best value for the time & clients will be thrilled!
  3. Retail sales ~ so often the missing piece! $$$$ Ka`Chiing
  4. Mindset {one of my favorite Topics!!}
  • For many of the topics, I have resources, worksheets/files, that you can download, print out to work with.               
  • Every MONTH I will do a second call where I will offer LIVE Group Coaching to answer any questions, that you have about the monthly topic, or anything YOU need support around for your business growth. Ask me anything! Bring your questions & show up LIVE or watch the replay

Are you intrigued yet ?? There is MORE :)

  • A Private closed FB group, where you can connect with other like minded, driven & passionate Spa owners. PLUS I will be in the group every week to support & guide you!! I am sooo excited
  • Periodically, I will also be bringing on Special guests that are experts in their Niche market, that can help you to grow a specific area of your business. 
  • Memberships has its PRIVILEGES ~ As long as you stay on as a member, your pricing will remain at $99, regular price of $147 is what you will pay!!
  • I am thrilled to be BUILDING other programs & opportunities for Spa Professionals like yourself to be highlighted ! As a current member, you can take advantage of a special members ONLY pricing, on additional programs, workshops, events & even 1:1 Coaching with me!
  • There are only a limited number of these SPOTS available at this price, so if you are ready, click below !

Want your cake & eat it too?

As a Founding Member,

you can have it all!

Welcome Spa Divas!

I am delighted you are here. I want you to know with over 30 years experience in this amazing industry, as a Master Esthetician, Spa owner, Retail Sales Catalyst & Spa Business Coach, I can whole heartily say "I get you" :)

I have probably experienced many of your struggles and pain, no matter what stage you are in your business cycle and I know how to get you through those situations. Whether you work solo or have a team, I have been there!

Are you ready to get unstuck & move forward? Do you want the inside scoop to my success?

Then I invite you to join me in this MONTHLY membership program, I am here to support, encourage, Cheer you on and guide you to success!

Tazeem Jamal PMDT, LE , Your Spa Business Coach

" Just finishing jotting down ideas in the 25-pager workbook included in last night's Goal Setting workshop! Thank you Tazeem Jamal for such an inspiring session, loved all the tips and advice. It was so different than the webinars I am used to, the content was worth so much more than you charged! It really helped give me the motivation, focus and direction I needed for 2019!"

Genevieve Albert Mawhinney of Genevieve Esthetics New Brunswick, Canada

More Client Love!

" If any of you are needing guidance or direction with goal setting or growing your business, I highly recommend Tazeem Jamal!! Working with Tazeem has given me so much clarity, new ideas & new goals! She has so many years of experience, which was so apparent the first time we connected :) She has such FRESH & exciting ideas, that I will be implementing as I open my new solo business ! Thanks so much Tazeem, I always appreciate your amazing tips & advice. Much appreciated!"

Chantal Hudon, Chantal's Wax Bar & Esthetics, BC, Canada

"I was lucky enough to win a Strategy Session with Tazeem! Just that one call was filled with so much insight :) After that call I knew I wanted to grow my business, & I decided I had have Tazeem as my Coach. I LOVE our conversations& love the positivity that she spreads! Her advice has been great & she has kicked my butt ! {in a good way!} I am excited what this year will look like for the growth of my business. I have also taken her Goal setting/Vision Boarding workshop online & its was amazing ! It has given me so much to think about, that my head is exploding with ideas ! I would highly recommend working with her! Thank you so much Tazeem :) "

Liliana Puscas, Lili's Esthetics, Ontario, Canada

The top 3 reasons to join this membership program

  1. You will have access to ME, as your Coach inside the group & on the calls for a crazy low price!
  2. The time you will save, not to mention the drop in your stress levels around Social Media posting! Now it will be a breeze to do!! YEAH!
  3. You can finally LEARN to GROW your bottom line profitably & create the life & business you WANT !

Having all of this, will give you more freedom to do what you do best; work with your clients, EARNING MONEY and of course spend more time with your loved ones ❤️  

All of these items bought separately would be worth well over $700 !

What would ALL this be worth to you?

Well, what would you say, if I told you, that ALL this will cost you less than the price of a cup of coffee a DAY !!

YESSS, for real !!

There are ONLY a limited number of spots at this

FOREVER FOUNDING Members price, so don't wait!

All this amazing content & Coaching for ONLY $99/month!

That works out to $3.30 a DAY, can you really afford NOT TO TRY it ?

The next time I open the membership the price will be significantly higher!!


I have an ASK ??

I would be so thrilled if you would help me spread the word to your Esthie Besties, about the benefits,of this amazing membership. The learning & benefit to your business will be worth hundreds and hundreds of dollars every single month !

"InSPAration Mastermind" Motivation & Marketing For Aestheticians 

REMEMBER ! Once the group is at capacity, it will close. Reserve your spot TODAY!

Pleasantly surprised at the cost? Then what are you waiting for ?

If you've read this far...then take the leap that you have always wanted to & rewrite your success story!

I invite you to click below to join me. I am so excited to work with you!!

Tazeem Jamal, Your Spa Business Coach :)

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